NOTE:  ALL Officers, Instructors and Staff Members are required to register. 


If you are NOT taking a class, you still need to register with $10.00 and state "officer", instructor or "staff" under the "MORNING COURSE" heading for each officer or staff person. You do NOT have to put anything in the box for "afternoon" or " "children's" unless you are taking a course.


If you are an "officer", instructor or "staff" member and also take a class, only include the registration fee(s) for the class(es) you will take.

1.  Open the file below named, "Registration Form" and complete the necessary information. 


Note:  Available Courses are found in the file below named, "Available Courses."


2.  Save the completed file on your computer.


3.  Email the completed form to, and/or and/or



      a.  Send check or money order payable to  

            JCDMBA to

            2600 Fairfax Avenue

            Bessemer, AL 35020

       b.  Click the "donate" button below to pay via


       c.  Click the "Givelify" button below to pay via


       d.  Scan the QR Code below to pay via paypal


Please REMEMBER:  JCDMBA Churches meeting their Association budget assessment (minimum $365) during fiscal year 2023 can approve ten delegates with the first being the pastor.  All over the allotted number will have to register with$10.00.  If the assessment has not been met, the registration for the church is $150 plus $10 for each person per course being registered.


For persons outside of the JCDMBA the 2024 registration fee is only $50.00 for your church AND $20.00   per person per course for ALL courses.


For Regular (onsite, walkin or mail-in) registration Form.  Open and complete the registration form below.  Save the document, print and submit. All registration fees are the same as outlined.  There is an opportunity to register for TWO courses.  Monday - Thursday (8am - 11am) and Monday through Thursday (1pm - 4pm).

 Online Enrollment Starts Now!                           

74th Annual Congress Courses and Instruc[...]
Microsoft Word document [15.8 KB]
JCDCCE Annual Registration Form 2023 (1)[...]
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JCDCCE AddDropChange Form 2023 fillable.[...]
Microsoft Word document [414.6 KB]


President Charles E. Hollingsworth

(205) 602-1375 0r

Dean Edna L. Hinson 

(205) 587-6497

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